Our Team

MISSION: We are a dedicated team of professionals and car enthusiasts who turned passion to a full-time job only to deliver the best customer service to you.
VISION: To be the best consignment agents in Singapore. There can only be one Prem Roy Motoring.
VALUES: Great isn’t good enough and that is why we practice transparency, respect, customer excellence, efficiency and lastly, passion for all individuals.
SERVICE VISION: The service vision of Prem Roy Motoring is dedication to the highest quality of customer service delivered with a sense of friendliness, integrity and company spirit.

There is a difference; we are not a sales team where scams are used to trick you to buying new cars. Our processes are transparent, thus the trust you have upon is our drive to excellence. We love meeting new people, different individuals from different walks of life and the various types of cars being stock or modified suited to each individual personality. We believe the details in every car one owns, speaks aloud about who you are, hence we take great effort in understanding our clients needs matching them to their required next car that will serve them well.


Prem RoyFounder (Director)

Big Boss Roy is a motorhead and track junkie who frequents Sepang F1 circuit with his awesome bikes and cars. Roy loves to revamp cars, and is knowledgeable with even the technical details for cars and modifications. With his knowledge and passion on cars, Roy started Prem Roy Motoring Pte Ltd in 2012 and has been ensuring that the Company provides the upmost standards in service. He even handles specific transactions that requires a personal touch of excellence. Experienced in the car trade industry of 7 years, and groomed from the banking industry of 6 years attaining multiple ‘Top Sales’ awards, specific management and credibility for your transaction is assured.



Kana joined Prem Roy Motoring in 2012 and is a dedicated Manager, aka the ‘father figure’ of his Sales Team. He manages and cares for his team to ensure optimal service standards are provided to clients. To Kana, clients are not clients – clients are his friends. With an extensive knowledge in cars, he provides a comprehensive and first class service for his clients by giving them insightful advice on the current car market.


Peter Sales Advisor

Peter is dedicated to his work here at Prem Roy Motoring and is climbing up the ladder and killing the game for all salesman. He’s basically showing you how it’s done. If you’re looking to get the BEST deal in the market, he’s your guy.


ThamSales Executive

At first sight, we too thought he was an Ah Long. Once you get to know him, Tham is just a gentle giant. We quote “Anyone who buys from me, is very lucky”. You’ll know why when you deal with him. Loyal to the team and ensuring a smooth transaction, getting your ride handover in time.

DSC_0068 - Copy

Jeff– Sales Executive

Not only does he have a self-driven ego, but an extremely chatty guy. In a good way of course. This just means you have all the details of your desired vehicle from the features to getting a good deal! Super friendly and efficient in getting all your questions answered.


Ashvini – Administrative Executive

Handles a ton of paperwork but still enjoys her work. Ash provides support not only to Big Boss Roy, but to the rest of the team as well by completing the procedures for every transaction. She is committed to assist clients in finalizing the transactions of their dream car!


Lyn – Marketing Executive

Annoyed by all the ads popping up in your face? Look for Lyn. The marketing whiz that spams the advertisements on CARBUYSG, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and every other place there is on the internet so that YOU will know who Prem Roy Motoring is whenever you’re looking to sell, buy, or rent a car.

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DesireeMarketing Executive

Started as an intern now she’s fully on board the PRM team. Adding her creativity, writing and marketing wits to form a dynamic duo to bring Prem Roy Motoring and other big projects to light on Google, Facebook and other social media platforms by the team.



Ring.. Ring.. “Stop calling me!” Bet you won’t regret picking up our call once you’ve heard the awesome deal from our telesales. These bunch of angels pick the best cars from the market and you’re lucky you’re on the list of Prem Roy Motoring, the Largest Car Consignment Company there is in Singapore.